I have something to say!!

August 2, 2009

Everett has something to say rather – most of the time he has something to say… these days are full of babbles and “mama” and “dada” and “hey”  — He always say mama rather loudly but started saying dada only in a whisper.  Just in the recent days he’s managed to say it louder than that.  We think it’s because Adam would whisper it into Ev’s ear.  This milestone arrived in the same week that – SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT arrived!!

The night of July 22nd – Everett finally slept through the night.  When the alarm woke me up at 6am I looked at Adam and said “did you get up at all last night?” He said no – and I didn’t recall making the journey downstairs in the middle of the night – I checked the monitor- Ev still in basically the same position I had laid him down in.  So I went down just to check on him – he was snoring and never even noticed I came in the room!

Oh sleep how I have missed you! I feel like a new woman!

He’s continued to sleep well and which in turn has allowed him to have better happier days at school.  Even his naps have started leveling out to realistic intervals (longer than 20 minutes!).

He is still working on those top teeth – what an anticipated event – these top teeth, it is like a kid waiting for Christmas – it is taking so long!

The army crawl is keeping us on our toes these days – Ev has discovered lots of new spaces and things in the house.  He is also becoming more clingy to me when we are at home – which is for me becoming a bit annoying.   Every time I’m in the room but not near him – he starts crying! Hoping this phase will pass us quickly!

Our friends Katie and Chris came to stay with us some this week (they live in Kansas City) it was fun to have them see and play with Everett who was 2 wks old last time they saw him!  Their time with us was short and we missed them ever so much even after they had only been gone for 30 minutes!

In 2 weeks we’ll be going to the zoo again with a big group – hopefully Ev will be more into it this time — we’ll see!


So it’s been a long time…

July 19, 2009

Since my last post, July has proven to be a very crazy month for us.  Therefore, blog posting has been neglected – to our ever so dedicated readers (all 2 of you) we are very sorry!

Everett is officially 8 months old now! I can’t get over how fast it has all gone – and I know it will only go faster – you don’t have to remind me. The army crawl is one of our new favorite things to do – it really is an amusing thing to watch.  Everett manages to keep one leg straight and in the air at all times.  But when he wants to move he will move and quickly at that.  He is somehow always drawn to the coffee table – like a magnet – I’m pretty sure it’s only because we don’t want him messing with it that he is so attracted to it! Other faves to chase after are these little stacking stars he has (he like to bang these on the floor as well as rub them on the floor – for a loud sound) his ABC drum (borrowed from our good friends next door) and of course his bestest of best friends, Winston.  Winston on the other hand just wants to lick Everett and is not sure what to make of this thing that loves him so much and moves ever so creepily.

Yesterday we discovered the laundry basket! Everett now loves to ride in the laundry basket – he makes his excited face — which is hard to put into words – but is a blend between and toothy smile with bugged out eyes and a stiff head shake? – you just have to see it to understand!

Sleeping through the night still evades us but he has made some better strides in  soothing himself at night.  He’s had a bit of a bug this week – we think it was courtesy of a friend at school – so that has put him even more out of whack! He seems to be feeling some better now – it has been a heck of a week though! Two words – explosive poop — that might be enough said.  We’ve had to back off on our eating adventures and just do a bland diet- rice and some bananas.  But now that he is feeling better we’ll be back in the saddle with all his favorite veggies and such.

Everett as we all know is a handsome boy – but apparently some girls at school think so also.  This is one story I want to be able to share with him for years to come so I figured I should write it down.  Last week when we dropped him off at school the older babies were in his classroom because their teacher was running late. By older babies I mean those that are walking and almost a year to a little over a year.  When we came into the room I sat Ev on the floor to play with a girl who is just a few days younger than him, Chaselyn.  Well Chaselyn got real excited and started crawling to him.  I then turned around to talk to the teacher because I couldn’t find his pacifier from yesterday.  She thought it might be in his bed so I turned back around towards where his bed is- and Bailey, a girl from the older class, had b-lined from the other side of the room and was now sitting in Everett’s lap! and Chaselyn was in tears!!  Everett – he was clueless and was just playing with a toy.  It was too funny! What a stud.

Everett has also been swimming several times now. He loves the water – at first he was scared but now he only cries when it’s time to get out! He’ll kick and splash – we’ve only put him fully under once and he honestly wasn’t too sure about that.  But thank goodness he likes the water for these hot hot Texas summers!

I like to Move it – Move it

July 3, 2009

Everett is scooting and rolling and making great efforts towards crawling!  Tonight he even did some army crawling around the floor — it’s very exciting.  We’ll try to get some video of it. 


June 27, 2009

On June 10th we left the hot, sticky city of Waco for vacation! We were so excited to get away and take a break. It would be a trip of several firsts for Everett.

It all started with his first plane ride.  Over all he did really well slept all the way to Atlanta and didn’t even get fussy when we had to walk really quickly to catch our next flight– a short 45 minutes later we were in Asheville.  We spent the night in Franklin, NC with Adam’s parents then drove to Monroe, NC to spend the night with my parents.  The next morning we drove down to Charleston, SC.

My parents, Nana & PopPop, came with us for the first night – the 5 of us spent Saturday taking a water taxi and walking around downtown. Aunt Jen came down Saturday evening – we went to dinner – and then the next day hit the beach!

I was most excited to take Everett to the beach.  It is my favorite place in the world to be and I couldn’t wait to share it with him!

Everett had been battling allergies all during our trip and then Monday morning woke up with a high fever so we took him to the local urgent care.  He had a sinus infection. We got some medicine and he started feeling better right away.

On Wednesday we made the long drive from Charleston, SC back to Franklin, NC. Thursday Everett stayed with Mimi and Grand-dad while Adam and I went out for the afternoon. Friday was wedding day as Adam’s good friend Sam got hitched.  Saturday we boarded a plane and headed back to Texas.

We ate lots of good food while we were away! At Hymans seafood in Charleston we ate at the same table where AC/DC dined at one time. We ate at a yummy place called the Mustardseed, and then at a vegetarian friendly soul food place called Alluette’s cafe, then in Asheville we ate at some of our favorites, the Laughing Seed Cafe’ and The Early Girl Eatery.

Everett is now sitting up on his own and will sit and play for quite some time.  He also had 2 teeth break through! Still no crawling  – I think it will still be a while although I hope him watching all the other kids at school will motivate him.

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy:

A journey together.

June 7, 2009

6 years ago today at 6:30 pm (eastern time) Adam and I began our journey as husband and wife.  Everyday since then we’ve taken it all one step at a time and done so together – whatever may come – may come – we have vowed to try our best at 2 becoming 1 and to approach every challenge head on – to not be children when it comes to difficult conversations and to remember to laugh at ourselves, to remember that love is greater than anything, to be love, to breathe love —  we would journey together and no matter where we ended up we would at least be together.

When Adam told me he wanted to come to Waco, TX for graduate school – my one stipulation was that we would immediately move back to NC after his schooling was over.  Who knew that we would find this community of friends that feel more like family that would come around us and transform Waco from the place we came for 3 years to the place we now call home.  In some divine intervention we have found ourselves fully in love with our city, our home, our friends, our church – the meaning of home to us has expanded beyond the walls of a house.

6 years later we find ourselves today spending time with our friends at church, playing on the floor with our adorable son and thinking that this is the best! We look to the future and know that 6 years is a drop in the bucket of things to come – but plan to enjoy this year in its individual moments and to embrace the beauty of now – not to wish Everett away to an older age or us to another place as those things come in their own time – for now life is great – we have each other.

As I type behind me in the living room I here Everett making fun noises and laughing as Adam says “Hipppoooo” as he plays with a stuffed Hippo from our friends the Evans — and my heart is full of joy.

Avocado and the Shins

May 25, 2009

Everett’s most recent stats:

Weight: 18 lbs 10 oz

Height: 26.5 inches

Percentage on the “chunkiness” scale: 82%

It’s amazing to see how much he has grown.  Our friends just welcomed their little boy Walter into the world.  He is precious and weighs about 8lbs+ when I held him he felt so tiny – it was hard for me to remember what Everett was like when he was that small.  Of course when it’s your child they never feel as tiny as everyone else says they are.

What we thought was a tooth breaking through turned out not to be a tooth but he is definately teething.  We’ve had a not so fun few days – just when we’d gotten E to sleep somewhat through the night- we’ve hit teething and he is up more often.  We’ve found that baby orajel and baby motrin are our good friends right now.  He’s has a few mild fevers — it is a pitiful sight!

Solid foods have been hit and miss lately with him not feeling well the last thing he wants to do is explore new foods. Squash went ok – he loved it the first time and the hated it the second time and the thrid time I mixed it with his cereal and it went better. Today we tried some avocado mashed up and mixed a bit of milk with it – he seemed to really like it.  In an effort to keep him engaged during meal time we’ve started playing music – sometimes that means it’s Adam on his guitar (which Everett loves to bounce along to) or just the ipod.  This morning was a mixture of the Shins, Wilco, Elliot Smith. Everett really loves music so we’ll probably keep that up for as long as it keeps him in a good mood.

Today we also started a sippy cup with water in it – I was surprised how quickly Everett took to it!

He is getting closer to sitting up on his own without help but we still have a ways to go.  He will also pull his legs up underneath him when he is laying down as if he is getting ready to crawl – he gets pretty frustrated when he can’t go anywhere.  I’m sure once he starts moving I’ll not be able to get him to stop!

It has been fun to watch him want to investigate new things – one of his new favorite things to do is stand at the coffee table (with us behind him) and beat on it.  We borrowed a little toy drum from our neighbors, the Richardsons, and he has loved hitting that thing – it says the ABC’s (in english and spanish) and is plays a little song.

We are getting excited for our trip to the East in a few weeks – it will be E’s first time on a plane — could get interesting!

Here are some 6 months pictures for you!

Peas Please

May 17, 2009

Everett is 6 months old now!  How fast time has flown by – just the other day I thought about how much more sleep I get now and even that doesn’t feel like much – but somehow we’ve just made it work.

For Everett’s half birthday we didn’t really do that much since it was in the middle of the week and graduation week at Baylor on top of that.  So we put E in a new outfit for school and baked ourselves a gluten free chocolate cake with strawberry icing – and enjoyed it with our dear friends Mike & Kristin Dodson and Tracey Kelley.

We’ve started new foods with Everett now that he is 6 months.  Adam and I decided to start with vegtables instead of fruits based on some advice we recieved from several new moms we know. So yesterday we took an adventure with peas – bright green squishy peas! Everett is still not so sure about them but he was very brave and took several bites.  Next we will explore squash…. I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’ve enjoyed making his food so far I hope to be able to keep it up.

Today at UBC, Everett and 4 of his friends were dedicated.  This is a milestone for our church and shows how much we are growing in new and somewhat unexpected ways. Everett was pretty sleepy during the whole thing and actually about half way through just fell asleep.  At the end when the church clapped it startled him awake but not to worry in true Everett fashion by the time we returned to our seats he was back to sleep and slept through the rest of the service.

We have a tooth on the way – or so it seems – so the entire house is getting less sleep these days.  We go back to the doctor tomorrow for his 6 month well visit – we’ll find out exactly how big our big guy is…

Motherhood so far…

May 10, 2009

This year is my very first Mother’s Day.  Last year at this time I was pregnant with Everett and still had several months to go before his arrival.

So far my day has been great – I was given some beautiful roses and cards from my guys and Everett wore a shirt to church that says “Mommy’s little firecracker” we went to lunch together and as I type this the smell of a chocolate cake is baking in the oven — I love my fellas!

Some of my favorite moments from today have been sitting on the porch swing with Adam and Everett just talking and hanging out and singing shake your booty… and then just a few minutes ago when Everett fell asleep in my arms while I rocked him.

Somewhere along the lines being a mom has just become what I do  — at first there are all these feelings of wow I’m a mom now! — but almost 6 months in, motherhood has become just what I do, what I am. All in all I find that pretty amazing.

I feel in my short 6 months of being a mom I’ve learned a lot and am fully aware that this indeed is just the beginning of lots of learning and lots of fun.

I’ve learned that it really isn’t about me – at all. It’s not about how much sleep I get or don’t get, or how much fun I’m having or how comfortable I am — there is this little human being in my life that is more important.

I’ve learned that sometimes you have to let go of things in order to create something that resembles balance in your life.

I’ve learned that everything in reach of my son will go into his mouth.

I’ve learned that Everett thinks Winston is the funniest thing – a large stuffed animal that moves and “talks” and have the largest ears ever!

I’ve learned that every new discovery is a huge discovery!

The little things get me really excited and everything deserves a “yea!” accompanied by a clap

I have truly been blessed by God to have the ability to dance with no music like a goof ball at the drop of a hat to see Everett smile.

I savor the quite moments when I get to hold Everett and he fall asleep in my arms.

I love when Everett sees me or hears my voice and gets excited.

There is no sound like the sound of Everett’s laugh.

You can read all the books in the world and hear all the advice in the world but in reality you are just stumbling through trying to figure it out, and that really is ok.

And the best part of being a mom is simply Everett!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies in the world.


I have toes!

April 30, 2009

We are nearing the end of the semester of work and I think the Horton family is really looking forward to the summer and the adventures that will hold for us!  Everett is getting so big and continues to be a joy in our everyday lives.  He has discovered his toes and can be found holding them while he lies on his back which looks pretty funny.  We are getting closer to him completely sitting up on his own – right now he can sit as if he were a tri-pod for a few seconds before he rolls off to the side and on to his tummy or back.

Our little garden is growing well and we’ve lately gotten plenty of rain for it – we hope to one day teach Everett about growing food and that food doesn’t always come from the grocery store!

Saturday we are going to attempt our first trip to the zoo, if weather permits.

That’s a quick update for now – here is a fun picture of Everett in one of my favorite shirts of his:

Milk & Cereal, Cereal & Milk…

April 25, 2009

My little boy is growing so quickly!  Everyone always tells you that it goes “so fast” but just like actually becoming parents – you can’t seem to understand how fast “fast” actually is until you are in the midst of it all.  Just in a week he is sitting up better, rolling over more and more, jumping around more.  The kid that hated tummy time even sometimes can be found sleeping on his belly in the morning! He really is becoming a little man.

We have kept at the rice cereal trying at least every other night at it – although last night he did so well we tried again tonight.  I think he is finally getting it!  Everett’s now at least getting 1/3 of it in his belly and maybe about 2/3 on his shirt, me or the floor.

It is amazing to me to watch Everett learn – it is fun and exciting to see him accomplish new things – even the smallest of things are milestones and reason to celebrate!