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A Tofurkey in the Oven

May 24, 2008

Our journey began sometime in mid-March during our trip to North Carolina when we got one of these:

My first reaction – holy cow this can’t be right – we have to take another one! So another day and another test later it was official we were pregnant!

We remained pretty tight lipped about it until after our first doctor’s appointment. I was battling some intense “morning” sickness so many of the ladies in my office already had their suspicions. The first person I told was my boss since I had to miss some work due to said sickness (I was a pitiful mess!). After some shots from the doctor, lots of sleep and some magic medication I was finally able to eat at least a small bit.

Now came the fun part, telling all of our family and friends! Believe me it was a lot of work to keep this thing under wraps! Adam and I love our community here in Waco so being able to share this experience with them is truly exciting. To pass the news along to our parents, we made onesies with a turkey on the front along with a card that told them that we had a “little turkey in the oven, who should be ready by Thanksgiving”, since our due date is in the middle of November.

At twelve weeks we went to hear the heart beat. Adam in his true techie fashion recorded it and made it in to an MP3 that we could share with our families in North Carolina. That was an amazing experience- for me it made this whole thing feel real. For a long time I either felt like:

  1. I had a stomach flu I couldn’t get over.
  2. I was getting a beer belly (except for the fact I really don’t even like beer)!

So when Dr. Sawyer put that little microphone up to my belly and we heard that sound it was as if a whole new world was beginning.

I am currently about 14 weeks and feeling much better. I have even begun to take part in several of my normal activities again such as, making the bed in the morning and showering in the morning. I still tend to go to bed early, but let’s face it people, I LOVE TO SLEEP – even pre-pregnancy. Sleeping could be my hobby! Now I am contending with my clothes not fitting – which has not been easy. Luckily I love to shop so I am sure that hurdle will be crossed soon.

We will hopefully find out in late June or early July the sex of the baby. Everyone seems to have their guesses and in the meantime some folks have taken to just giving it funny names. So that is sort of where we are right now. I am excited and thankful that we have this blog to help communicate with our friends and family so far away from us. We’ll try to be diligent in our posting/updating. Thanks to everyone for the advice and love you have showered us with!