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Update and …. A Name

July 11, 2008

Where to begin…

The past weeks have been full of big things for our little family.  On the 30th of June we bought a new house and began the fun process of moving.  While we are sad to leave our house on Parrott we are also excited to have a bit more space and start making room for our little who!

Thanks to our friends that helped us pack, move, unpack and pick up appliances late into the evening! (House pictures will be coming soon)

Jack and Lydia (Adam’s parents) made a trip down to see us on the 2nd.  They had planned this trip long before we decided to move.  The original plan was to help us build a deck on the back of the Parrott house.  Little did they know when they booked the flight, they would be helping us put in faucets, change light fixtures and take several trips to Lowe’s.  But it worked out great since all that work is indoors and it was so hot outdoors!  It was great to have them around and help us get adjusted and settled in.  And Winston enjoyed all the extra playmates!!

Saturday we all went to Austin. I not sure which of the 4 of us was the most tired but we were all pretty zonked by the end of the day.  Jack and Lydia bought our crib! and Nanny and Papa bought the crib mattress!  It’s so exciting to see it all starting to come together. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Here is a picture of the crib:

Isn’t it pretty!  I also found some bedding at Target on clearance that I loved so I went ahead and bought it- I couldn’t pass up the great deal.  Here is what it looks like:

I have picked up some paint colors that I like but me choosing paint takes time so hopefully I’ll get that done before November!

We also have picked a name ( I know this is the part you all were waiting for! Don’t you love how I put it at the end).  We are going to name him:

Everett Dyer Horton

Everett is a name we both just liked- and Everett Case from NC State helped to shape the ACC basketball tournament so Adam liked it even more after finding that bit of info! :o)  And Dyer was my graddaddy Judy’s middle name.  So there you go!

Everett has been very active the past few days and I am just starting to feel some movement from the outside of my belly. I am very excited about this so now Adam can feel him moving too!

Promise not to take so long to post again!