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Home stretch…

October 22, 2008

Well here we are — the final round! I feel like I quite possibly have been pregnant forever at this point, even though I know that is not the case.  It’s just hard to remember what it was like to see my feet while standing, sleep laying down and turn in a circle without grazing something with my belly!

In the past few weeks we have had 2 showers – which has been great.  Having a kid is expensive!  So many things you “have to have.”  We have gotten our car seat and bassinet – 2 large items that were necessary from the start!  We’ve gotten lots of cute little clothes and items for bringing up baby.  Truly the most interesting gift we recieved so far has been a tree.  Yes an actual live breathing green growing tree!  Our friend Beth gave it to us – when she was born her family planted a tree for her that to this today is still “Beth’s tree”  what a cool thing to pass along to us! A new tradition has started with this Horton family.   Everett’s tree is a Mulberry tree and it’s already been planted in our backyard.  Here is a picture of me waiting with our tree for Adam to pick me up after the shower – seeing his face as he pulled up was pretty priceless!

This time is full of anticipation.  Wondering what Everett will look like- who will he look like, when will he decide to come – will he be an early bird or not.  I’ve spent some time trying to get things in order at the office for me to be out.  Now I find myself daily going through a mental check list of what needs to be done before Everett comes and trying to think of things that I might have left off that list that should be on it!

I am sticking it out at work until the last possible second so that I can save my time off for when he is actually here.  At times I think I might be just crazy for doing that – the times when I’d rather just sleep or when the thought of getting up to waddle down the hallway finds me thinking to myself “I’ll just wait.”

The first word we Judy girls learned to spell growing up was patience.  I feel this leg of this journey is all about patience – it’s almost like God is constantly whispering it in my ear, but in the same fashion my mom did when I was small: p-a-t-i-e-n-ce.   It is a virtue that is hard to remember when you are anticipating something so huge.