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week 1 and week 2

November 30, 2008

It’s crazy to think that our little boy is already 2 weeks old!  Time is already passing by so quickly.  The days of course are filled with feedings and diaper changes.  I am so glad that we decided to use the bio-degradeable diapers after seeing how many we are going through each day!

Everett is developing his own little peronsality already.  He only wants a pacifier when he wants it and I am pretty sure when he can figure out which one of those fingers is his thumb he won’t want the pacifier at all.  He loves to be snuggled under my chin for afternoon naps and will lift his head and move it from side to side already.  He is smiling now and when he smiles it melts my heart – it makes me forget all the crankiness he has when we try to get him to sleep at night.

We purchased a sleep positioner which has been a god-send!  With it Everett will actually sleep in his bassinet at night rather than in between Adam and I.

Our parents came to Texas for Thanksgiving – we had a full house. We go back to the doctor tomorrow for Everett’s 2 week check up – can’t wait to see how much he weighs now!

Here are some more pictures:


Everett & Nanny


Everett & Nanna


Everett & Pop Pop

Everett  with Granddad and Mimi

Everett with Granddad and Mimi

Chris & Katie came to visit!!

Chris & Katie came to visit!!

The little professors first Thanksgiving

The little professors first Thanksgiving


November 30, 2008


He’s Here!!

November 20, 2008

The wait is finally over – Everett is here!

He arrived November 14th at 10:57pm.  He weighed in at 7lbs 11oz and was 20 inches long.  He has a head full of black hair- but no beard yet – Adam says he has some side burns so that means he has a good head start on the beard (maybe by his 1st birthday)  :o)

We went in for our second chance at induction at 6am on the 14th- my doctor went ahead an broke my water then so there would be no turning back that day.  We made really good progress through out the day – I was stuck in the bed though because they were being more aggressive with the induction medication and i was on an internal monitor.  Everett was completely unphased he’s little heart rate stayed steady no matter what was happening.  At 5pm we had dilated to a 5 and everything was going well.  Dr. Sawyer came back at 10pm – we were now at a 6 but my cervix had started to thicken back up.  She recommended we go ahead and do a c-section since this was a bit of backwards progress from where we had been and I still needed to dialate more.  I was physically and emotionally so exhausted from the day – the whole week actually considering our situation on Tuesday – so we went ahead.

I think the c-section was probably the scariest thing ever – but in 20 minutes Everett was here and i could hear his little cry that sounded something like a duck – Adam and I were overwhelmed with joy and I have never cried so hard.  Dr. Sawyer’s first comment when he came out was – well no beard, but lots of hair- and he is such a cutie!

Adam brought him over to me before he walked him down to the nursery.  The next hour of recovery I don’t remember much of.  Then they took us to our room. The next few days were full of nurses and either Everett or I being stuck or poked for something – sleep came in small intervals – feeding Everett was quite a challenge- me being able to move was way more difficult than I expected.  By the 2nd day I was able to get up and take a shower and move around the room- even if it was like an 85 yr old woman!

We thought that we might be able to go home on Sunday – but Dr. Sawyer wanted me to stay until Monday.  Then on Monday we got the news that Everett was jundice and might have an infection.  The test results came back that he was clear of infection but his levels for the jundice was very high. Luckily they were going to find us a bed that we could have him here at home.  It took almost all day for them to find a bed for us- so at 4pm we were all released!

Everett had to be on this little glo-worm bed all the time unless he was eating or being changed.  We were lucky that he seemed to do ok with being on the bed. We have had some sleepless days-nights and emotions have been all over the place.

Last night Everett was able to be off the bed and he has finally started to eat on a regular basis – last night was a wonderful night!  Adam and I gave Everett his first sponge bath and washed his hair- and we was actually able to wear pj’s for the first time since he was off the billi bed. 

He is the cutest thing! I know I am a bit bias but he really is adorable.  The miracle of life!  I still can’t believe he is mine and that he is what was in my belly! It is amazing how much you can love someone more and more each day to the point you think your heart will explode. I truly feel my faith has grown stronger in this – it is truly a gift from God.

We have lots of pictures – I’ll post them soon.

Trial run

November 12, 2008

So yesterday we went in the hospital at 7:30am to be induced.  Our doctor already thinks Everett has packed on some pounds and didn’t want us to go past our original due date of the 12th very much. 

We awoke to very dark clouds outside – and I had hoped we’d be able to get to the hospital before the bottom fell out. We grabed our bags and nerves and headed out the door- and of course it’s now pouring down rain.

We make the short drive to the hospital and get checked in – having left our ark parked outside. At this point I felt like an absoulte mess inside- just nervous beyond my wildest dreams.  I get into the very attractive hospital attire and they start an  IV to hopefully get the game started.

Dr. Sawyer checks me at 8:30ish and I am not dialated at all.  She says she’ll come back around lunch time.  The monitors are showing that I am having contractions but for the life of me I can’t feel them.   At lunch she returns – and I now at a 1 and contractions are not consistent.  She’ll come back around 5.  So the afternoon goes by – I do start to have more regular contractions but the “pain level” of them is only maybe a 2 and that’s if its a really big one.

At 5 Dr. Sawyer returns – I’m now at a 1.5 – and contractions are back to being randomly spaced. We have some conversations – we could either – go straight to C-section, or break my water and labor all night and probably end up doing a C-section anyway, or I can go home.  I have no desire to have a C-section unless it is medicall necessary for either me or Everett.  If we had progressed to a 3 or 4 then maybe we could have broken my water and had a better chance of natural birth.  So Adam and I made the rational but difficult choice to just come home.

We are both frustrated and disappointed. But are trying to stay positive.  We are rescheduled to go to the hospital on Friday if he does not come on his own by then.  Until then – back to the waiting game….

what’s happenin’ now

November 8, 2008

It’s amazing how much has happened in the past few weeks. 

We had our last shower with the folks at Adam’s office – we got lots of good stuff including gift cards – some of which we’ve already put to use! 

Then there was the Baylor Homecoming – those who are familiar with Baylor – Homecoming here is like nothing I have ever seen.  Everyone gets into it, there are events all week and even a massive parade – there is no way you could not know that it was Homecoming- even if you lived in a hole!  This year we just went to the parade – we didn’t take Winston this year because he gets so scared of the band.  As soon as the band comes through – he’s usually under my chair for the rest of the parade!  But we did take Seth – expose him to some of the Baylor culture.

We also had halloween!  This is the first year we’ve handed out candy- in the year’s past we’ve always had something that kept us for doing so – in some cases just plans and in others tragedy.  Our neighbors Ryan and Kristen throw a neighborhood party every year sponsored by Calvary Baptist – so we decided to sit on our porch and hand out candy.  We went through 8 large bags of candy – thanks to the Richardson’s for letting us use some of their stash from the party!- we were handing out one piece at a time even.  I’ve never seen anything like it – so many people – some really cute kids- some way to old “kids” – even a 40yr+ old lady dressed as an elephant came to our doorstep.  We ran out by 8pm.  The next morning we discovered our house had been egged!  So then we spent a good chunk of Saturday cleaning the front porch – it needed it anyway. 

However on Sunday I thought it still smelled like scrambled eggs!

Then there was the election! It’s so neat that this historical event took place while we were pregnant with Everett – can’t wait to one day tell him all about it.  We hosted a small election party here  at our house – mainly because I didn’t want to go out to one – so the obvious choice is to host one!  We had about 25 people over – it was fun just to have good friends all in the same room no matter who anyone voted for.  My favorite part was we had everyone give their food fun names like: lipstick on a pig (in a blanket), cheesy stump speech crackers, swing state cupcakes, chatty joe’s crab cakes. 

Adam has installed the car seat – and we finally got the chair for the nursery.  We went last night to get some final things we know we need from Target. I’ve felt a bit on edge when it comes to work because I feel like my time off has crept up on me – I hate feeling as though I’ve left a burden for anyone to carry so I’m wanting to make sure everything is in a nice little package for folks.  Although I’m starting to realize that might be impossible. 

I can’t believe that we’ll soon be face to face with Everett!  Adam said he has an idea of what he thinks our little guy will look like – I on the other hand can’t even begin to imagine.  For me it’s like when I am traveling to a place I haven’t been in a while or even a place i’ve never been – I can’t imagine myself there in that space – what it will look like, smell like, feel like.  I just have to wait – take it all in when it actually happens – when the time has come and there I am in that place.