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Nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name

December 31, 2008

That is my favorite line from the Avett Brothers song “Murder in the City.”  I think that line means much more to me now that Everett is here with us. And what no better time to reflect upon that line than Christmas time.  Each year Adam and I make the long trek back to North Carolina for a Carolina Christmas – full of family and friends and food – and at the end we always feel like we need a vacation to recover!

This year was different because of Everett.  Our trip time was extended because we needed to stop about every 3 hours to feed Everett.  He did well for the most part – lots of sleeping, but when he was ready for a break – he was very vocal about it. Our car was maxed out on the way to NC.  With Winston in the back in his crate and Everett with me in the back seat and Adam in front like he was driving Ms. Daisy!  I feel like I packed the whole house up to take E on this trip! And I still found things I forgot to bring.

Everett slept in a travel bed between Adam and I – I think I got used to this – having him so very close in the middle of the night- it helped with those times he got fussy – I could just reach over rather than having to get up and go across the room.

We tried our best to help keep Everett to his schedules with bath time and bed time – and he honestly was pretty good at reminding us when he was ready for both!

He has changed so much just since we left for this trip.  He spends much more time awake now and is very active – he is enjoying lots of playtime on the floor.  We have noticed that he is becoming a morning person!  Which I have no idea where he gets that from – not me or Adam that’s for sure – maybe Winston? After he eats and has a diaper change in the a.m. he loves to play – Adam and I spent about 40-45 minutes playing with him in the mornings.  We got a small bit of video of it – I’ll have Adam post it later. It’s so so cute – so be prepared that it may be the cutest thing you’ll ever see!

Everett met lots of people on this trip and got lots of gifts too! The gifts made the trip home every crowded.  We at least got to take the batteries out of all the toys that make noise – the last thing we wanted was to have some toy making sounds for 22 hours!

One of the most special gifts that he got was from Grandmother Judy. Everett’s middle name is the same middle name of his Great Granddaddy Judy. For Christmas Grandmother gave to him several songbooks that belonged to her, Granddaddy and some even to his father.  It is so amazing to look at these items and feel the history that comes from them.  I can’t wait to share these with Everett.

I am on the hunt for a wooden box that I want to use to store items like this in for Everett.  Sort of a treasure box in a way – I want to put family history in there along with special items that he has been given and the letters that we are having people write to him for him to read as he grows.  I want Everett to know how special family and community are to Adam and I.  For us family extends beyond just those that are related to us but our community of friends have proved to be family away from family.  When we find ourselves in NC we miss our family here in Texas and abroad and when in TX we miss family in NC.  We desire for Everett to have family like this – for him to know how beautiful it is.  I’ll post some pictures from our trip soon.


sacre bleu! Everett is 1 month old…

December 15, 2008

It’s hard to believe that Everett is already 1 month old!

He’s changing everyday.  He is spending more and more time awake each day so we are finding new ways to play together during that time. He can follow objects with his eyes and turn his head.  He is pushing off alot with his legs and we bought him these soccer ball arm rattles because he likes to move his arms so much.  It’s fun to watch his little face light up.

This morning Everett celebrated being 1 month old by peeing in his face!

This weekend we took him for his first trip to Austin – we did some shopping and had a quick visit with Uncle Seth.  Adam and I think it gave us some good practice for our trip to NC that we will be taking on Saturday. 

I think Everett will do ok – he will probably sleep most of the time in the car – but I know this trip will take us much longer than ususal since we’ll have to stop much more.

I’ve ordered Everett’s birth announcements and they are so cute I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can send them out to everyone!

In the meantime here are some more pictures – I have tons of pictures I think I  probably take 10 a day!!


hangin out with dad!

hangin out with dad!

Hello December…

December 6, 2008

This week Everett and I dared to venture out on our own! Wow! how much work it is just to get in and out of the car – no more quick trips by myself any more!

We went up to the office to see all of the folks there – Everett was well behaved for the most part.  I am hoping to start feeling a pattern of routine soon – I really like order and structure to my days – I’m a planner, what can I say.

So far – Everett  – not a planner.  :o)

He’s been very active lately – looking around – he likes the lights on the Christmas tree.  He has also started pushing off with his legs – we lay him down to sleep and then find he’s moved himself several inches when we go back to check on him.

Today I took Everett shopping – or attempted to shop.  I can’t fit in to many of my clothes right now – all in all Everett did great- he got lots of ewws and awws from passers by- but my shopping efforts a total bust! Maybe I’ll have better luck later.

Here are some recent super cute pictures of the little professor:



sleeping so sweet

sleeping so sweet


December 2, 2008

The little professor went for his 2 week check up yesterday – he now weighs: 8lbs and 7oz! and  is 20.25 in length.

He is spending more time awake each day.  And I’ve noticed he fights sleep and is difficult to wake up!

We went to the Thanksgiving service at UBC on Sunday night – our first big outing!  It was great to see all our friends – I think I enjoyed it the most – having interaction with adults! I go back to the doctor today and hopefully she’ll give me the ok to start driving again so we can regain some freedom and get Everett used to getting out of the house before our long 18 hour drive to NC for Christmas!