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The Long Awaited Videos!

January 26, 2009

Here are two videos for your enjoyment!

You can also view higher quality versions of these videos from the links below, but you will need Quicktime in order to view them.


Where has the time gone?

January 17, 2009

Can you believe that Everett is already 2 months old??  I can’t!  I feel like he was just born – time has flown by and I am sure it will only start to go faster as life continues to progress. 

Everett continues to change day by day – he’s starting to laugh out loud more and he’s talking to us all the time – he loves to be talked to. It makes me wonder if he’ll be that way when he gets older – a little chatter box. But then there are times when he is just quite and reflective (like his dad).  He’s holding his head up more on his own and trying to roll over – he will push like crazy with his little feet as if he is really going to take off and go somewhere.  The early morning still seems to be his favorite time of day- after breakfast he is a complete giggle-box.  There is an elephant mobile hung over his crib that we bought in Kenya 2 years ago.  He loves that thing – we will start spinning it and he watches it so carefully and laughs – and when the elephants get going really fast he’ll just kick and swing his arms around – you can hear his excitement all through the house.  It makes wonder what he’s thinking — maybe he’s thinking “that’s crazy that elephants can move that fast “- or maybe it’s “I think the blue striped one is going to win this time!”

He also makes this little sad face when he’s upset – I am pretty sure that face will be the face that breaks my heart from here until forever – or until he starts using it to just try to get his way! It really is pitiful.

We’ve moved E into size 2 diapers after one day having 5 outfit changes! He’s getting so big so fast. He’s not yet sleeping through the night but seems to be showing some progress in that direction.  Adam and I remain hopeful that the day is near.

We’ve also taken Everett to 2 Baylor Bears Men’s Basketball games – the first he slept through the entire game!  This last one was a bit more touch and go – but we are planning to make him a fan early on in life!

I started back to work on the 5th – I did half days and then on the 12th started back full time.  Everett doesn’t start day care until the 20th so he’s been hanging out with me.  It’s been pretty interesting – and has taken my ability to multi-task to another level!  He mainly slept alot and then when he was awake he likes to play in this little bouncy chair – and of course plenty of folks around the office to hold him and so forth.

Everett had his first date last weekend.  Our friends have a little girl named Emmy who is just a few months older than Everett – they were definitely the entertainment for the evening – Emmy dancing and excited to see Everett and Everett well – cried.  He did finally cheer up and become more date like!  He was also flirting with a little girl named Ava the other day — I think I have a ladies man on my hands! What’s a mom to do?

Monday Everett will go to get his 2 month shots – i’m not looking forward to this at all – but I am looking forward to getting a new set of stats for him!

Well that’s the short run of it all for now here are some pictures:


Everett telling me about his day

Everett telling me about his day

Sweet Boy!

Sweet Boy!

Right now..

January 4, 2009

Everett is sitting in his boppy watching the Atlanta vs. Arizona football game.  He is mezmorized!  I think we have another sports fan in the house– hilarious they just cut to commercial and he got upset!

He apparently also likes Al Roker.  We had the Rose Bowl Parade on the other morning and as soon as Everett heard Al’s voice he turned towards the TV – it must be all those mornings of the Today show I watched.

Also I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before but when Everett sneezes Winston barks – the tradition lives on – now it’s not just my sneezes he barks at.  Winston is getting more familiar with Everett – I don’t think he is completely terrified of him any more – just slightly terrified.  Winston knows that Everett is special and that he’s not allowed to close.  Yesterday Everett was laying in his crib for a nap and I had to shut the door because Winston kept going into his room and shuffling around – which kept waking up Everett!  I think he is just ready for Everett to be big enough to play with him.

Today’s temprature in Waco, TX : 84!  Happy New Year!