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February 28, 2009

Sometime it feels like life is moving in fast forward.  It makes me so thankful for the moments that make me slow down and be still – even if they are rare.  Everett is growing everyday we unofficially think he’s about 15 pounds now.  Now when I hold him it feels surreal to think there was a time no too long ago when he was in my tummy!

Everett has found his voice.  Last weekend he turned into such a chatter box!  We really noticed a difference when we were at Jason’s Deli for dinner on Saturday night.  I thought he’d just fall asleep because he was looking a bit tired.  However as we were sitting down to eat – we hear a lots of talking from Everett – like he was trying to talk to every person in sight!

Friday morning Everett was still asleep in his bassinett and Adam was getting ready for work – so I came downstairs to take Winston out.  When I came back inside I could hear Everett “talking” all the way downstairs – which is usually how he tells us he’s ready to get up in the morning.  So I walk up to our room to get him and start our morning — to my surprise — he was still sleeping — yep, he was “talking” in his sleep.  It was loud and continous –  I hurried to the bathroom to get Adam so he could share in the moment with me!  I tried to get it on video also but of course he stopped when I turned the thing on… I did get some cute video of him waking up though.

It’s exciting to watch his personality developing and discovering what things make him laugh.  He smiles all the time now – sometimes also while he’s sleeping – today he was in his swing and Winston was sitting in front of him while I folded laundry and Everett found Winston absolutely hillarious!

We’ve been trying to help Everett learn how to roll over but still no real success on his own in that area yet.  He loves sitting up though – he’ll sit so tall and hold his head up really well.  I’ve noticed that unless he is sleepy he doesn’t care to really be in the same place very long – I’m hoping that he’ll grow out of that some!  Still not sleeping through the night.  His pattern has been holding true of 5hours and then 3hours after that.  One evening this past week he slept so much when we got home 6-7, 7:30-10:15, 11-2, 2:30-5, 5:30-7!  Then another night he was awake almost every hour — exhausting for me!

I think we as a household are finally over our colds – Everett’s stuffy nose just seems to be at a normal stuffiness level now rather than exessively stuffy!

For spring break Adam, Everett and I will be traveling to Georgia to visit my grandparents.  My grandmother has never even met Adam and for her as well as my grandma and grandpa this will be their first time meeting Everett.  So this is a big trip!  We’ll spend a few days at each of their places. My parents are going to drive down also to see us.

I leave you now with one of my favorite pictures I took last Sunday: n9223499_37360520_7405879jpg


Reasons to Celebrate

February 14, 2009

Everett is 3 months old today.  Time has gone by so quickly – he becomes more alert and active everyday – and heavier too! He’s been adapting really well to day care – I’m always sad leaving him – but I love when we come to pick him up and he sees us and smiles so big!  Sleeping through the night- not quite yet – but it’s getting closer.  Lately he’ll sleep for at least 5 hours when we first lay him down and then wake up every 3 hours after that.  

Adam celebrated a birthday last weekend – we had a few folks over to celebrate with us – it was fun to have a house full of friends. 

Today Adam and I were actually able to go on a date.  Our friends Tracey and Kristin came to stay with Everett for a few hours – it was amazing to get out of the car and not need to carry with us a million things! However by 3 I was really missing my boy so we headed home – we are so thankful to our friends for giving us the gift of a few hours with just the 2 of us. 

Everett is waking up from his nap – sorry this post is so short – I’ll try to be a better updater when I can catch a few moments!