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I have toes!

April 30, 2009

We are nearing the end of the semester of work and I think the Horton family is really looking forward to the summer and the adventures that will hold for us!  Everett is getting so big and continues to be a joy in our everyday lives.  He has discovered his toes and can be found holding them while he lies on his back which looks pretty funny.  We are getting closer to him completely sitting up on his own – right now he can sit as if he were a tri-pod for a few seconds before he rolls off to the side and on to his tummy or back.

Our little garden is growing well and we’ve lately gotten plenty of rain for it – we hope to one day teach Everett about growing food and that food doesn’t always come from the grocery store!

Saturday we are going to attempt our first trip to the zoo, if weather permits.

That’s a quick update for now – here is a fun picture of Everett in one of my favorite shirts of his:


Milk & Cereal, Cereal & Milk…

April 25, 2009

My little boy is growing so quickly!  Everyone always tells you that it goes “so fast” but just like actually becoming parents – you can’t seem to understand how fast “fast” actually is until you are in the midst of it all.  Just in a week he is sitting up better, rolling over more and more, jumping around more.  The kid that hated tummy time even sometimes can be found sleeping on his belly in the morning! He really is becoming a little man.

We have kept at the rice cereal trying at least every other night at it – although last night he did so well we tried again tonight.  I think he is finally getting it!  Everett’s now at least getting 1/3 of it in his belly and maybe about 2/3 on his shirt, me or the floor.

It is amazing to me to watch Everett learn – it is fun and exciting to see him accomplish new things – even the smallest of things are milestones and reason to celebrate!

Rice and new moves

April 19, 2009

Everett has had quite a busy week.  We started off this week with an Easter Holiday visit from Mimi, Grand-dad, Nanny and Uncle Seth.  Luckily the weather for Easter Sunday was nice so that we were able to get some pictures outside. Everett enjoyed the long holiday and having all the extra attention.  He was johnny-on-the-spot and was able to show off all his tricks to our visitors, only he didn’t give a big belly laugh like he does sometimes.  During that visit E was only rolling one way – belly to back.  However on Thursday of this week he rolled back to belly!  He was in his crib – fighting going to sleep- and we watched him on the monitor roll – it was a joyous moment and that again we both were able to see if happen for the first time was great.

Everett turned 5 months old on Tuesday and can officially start rice cereal as instructed by our pediatrician.  My plan was to wait until this weekend to start – but decided to try earlier this week.  In the first battle between Everett and Rice Cereal – Everett won and Rice Cereal ended up all everywhere but in his tummy.  We tried again this evening and I think we got 2 bites in before an all out fit occurred.  But as I know from previous experiences in life- patience is a virtue and if we keep trying we’ll get it right sooner or later. 

Sleeping has become interesting – now that E can roll we have removed his sleep positioner and putting him in a swaddle is out of the question.  Some nights we have quite a wrestling match trying to get Everett to settle down – if anyone has any tips we’d be happy to hear them!  We keep to the same night time patterns and try to make sure we are doing bedtime around the same time every night.

Here are some pictures from Easter and Everett’s first cereal experience, and a picture of our front porch which we recently redid: 

Roll with me!

April 9, 2009

Everett rolled over today on his own!  We’ve been expecting this event for quite some time… and then this morning there it was.  The best part was that Adam and I were both there for the first roll. 

He was in his crib waiting for me to get an appropriately cute outfit together for him to wear to school. And he was in such a great mood I thought now would be a great time to do some tummy time.  I put him on his belly and we began cheering him on – something along the lines of “naked boy on his belly!” because he was only wearing his diaper.  And then he arched back that little head and just like that – he rolled.  We just looked at each other and then let out a big WooHoo! which gave E a bit of a start and then hugged it was great!  Then in true parent fashion we made him do it again!

We took Everett to get bluebonnet pictures last weekend – he was not very thrilled with this adventure but we did get a few good shots.  Then yesterday we went to the Easter egg hunt here on campus and took some fun pictures there.