Milk & Cereal, Cereal & Milk…

My little boy is growing so quickly!  Everyone always tells you that it goes “so fast” but just like actually becoming parents – you can’t seem to understand how fast “fast” actually is until you are in the midst of it all.  Just in a week he is sitting up better, rolling over more and more, jumping around more.  The kid that hated tummy time even sometimes can be found sleeping on his belly in the morning! He really is becoming a little man.

We have kept at the rice cereal trying at least every other night at it – although last night he did so well we tried again tonight.  I think he is finally getting it!  Everett’s now at least getting 1/3 of it in his belly and maybe about 2/3 on his shirt, me or the floor.

It is amazing to me to watch Everett learn – it is fun and exciting to see him accomplish new things – even the smallest of things are milestones and reason to celebrate!


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