Motherhood so far…

This year is my very first Mother’s Day.  Last year at this time I was pregnant with Everett and still had several months to go before his arrival.

So far my day has been great – I was given some beautiful roses and cards from my guys and Everett wore a shirt to church that says “Mommy’s little firecracker” we went to lunch together and as I type this the smell of a chocolate cake is baking in the oven — I love my fellas!

Some of my favorite moments from today have been sitting on the porch swing with Adam and Everett just talking and hanging out and singing shake your booty… and then just a few minutes ago when Everett fell asleep in my arms while I rocked him.

Somewhere along the lines being a mom has just become what I do  — at first there are all these feelings of wow I’m a mom now! — but almost 6 months in, motherhood has become just what I do, what I am. All in all I find that pretty amazing.

I feel in my short 6 months of being a mom I’ve learned a lot and am fully aware that this indeed is just the beginning of lots of learning and lots of fun.

I’ve learned that it really isn’t about me – at all. It’s not about how much sleep I get or don’t get, or how much fun I’m having or how comfortable I am — there is this little human being in my life that is more important.

I’ve learned that sometimes you have to let go of things in order to create something that resembles balance in your life.

I’ve learned that everything in reach of my son will go into his mouth.

I’ve learned that Everett thinks Winston is the funniest thing – a large stuffed animal that moves and “talks” and have the largest ears ever!

I’ve learned that every new discovery is a huge discovery!

The little things get me really excited and everything deserves a “yea!” accompanied by a clap

I have truly been blessed by God to have the ability to dance with no music like a goof ball at the drop of a hat to see Everett smile.

I savor the quite moments when I get to hold Everett and he fall asleep in my arms.

I love when Everett sees me or hears my voice and gets excited.

There is no sound like the sound of Everett’s laugh.

You can read all the books in the world and hear all the advice in the world but in reality you are just stumbling through trying to figure it out, and that really is ok.

And the best part of being a mom is simply Everett!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies in the world.



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