Avocado and the Shins

Everett’s most recent stats:

Weight: 18 lbs 10 oz

Height: 26.5 inches

Percentage on the “chunkiness” scale: 82%

It’s amazing to see how much he has grown.  Our friends just welcomed their little boy Walter into the world.  He is precious and weighs about 8lbs+ when I held him he felt so tiny – it was hard for me to remember what Everett was like when he was that small.  Of course when it’s your child they never feel as tiny as everyone else says they are.

What we thought was a tooth breaking through turned out not to be a tooth but he is definately teething.  We’ve had a not so fun few days – just when we’d gotten E to sleep somewhat through the night- we’ve hit teething and he is up more often.  We’ve found that baby orajel and baby motrin are our good friends right now.  He’s has a few mild fevers — it is a pitiful sight!

Solid foods have been hit and miss lately with him not feeling well the last thing he wants to do is explore new foods. Squash went ok – he loved it the first time and the hated it the second time and the thrid time I mixed it with his cereal and it went better. Today we tried some avocado mashed up and mixed a bit of milk with it – he seemed to really like it.  In an effort to keep him engaged during meal time we’ve started playing music – sometimes that means it’s Adam on his guitar (which Everett loves to bounce along to) or just the ipod.  This morning was a mixture of the Shins, Wilco, Elliot Smith. Everett really loves music so we’ll probably keep that up for as long as it keeps him in a good mood.

Today we also started a sippy cup with water in it – I was surprised how quickly Everett took to it!

He is getting closer to sitting up on his own without help but we still have a ways to go.  He will also pull his legs up underneath him when he is laying down as if he is getting ready to crawl – he gets pretty frustrated when he can’t go anywhere.  I’m sure once he starts moving I’ll not be able to get him to stop!

It has been fun to watch him want to investigate new things – one of his new favorite things to do is stand at the coffee table (with us behind him) and beat on it.  We borrowed a little toy drum from our neighbors, the Richardsons, and he has loved hitting that thing – it says the ABC’s (in english and spanish) and is plays a little song.

We are getting excited for our trip to the East in a few weeks – it will be E’s first time on a plane — could get interesting!

Here are some 6 months pictures for you!


One Response to “Avocado and the Shins”

  1. LouAnne Says:

    He’s growing so fast! I love that first picture of him. So cute!

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