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June 27, 2009

On June 10th we left the hot, sticky city of Waco for vacation! We were so excited to get away and take a break. It would be a trip of several firsts for Everett.

It all started with his first plane ride.  Over all he did really well slept all the way to Atlanta and didn’t even get fussy when we had to walk really quickly to catch our next flight– a short 45 minutes later we were in Asheville.  We spent the night in Franklin, NC with Adam’s parents then drove to Monroe, NC to spend the night with my parents.  The next morning we drove down to Charleston, SC.

My parents, Nana & PopPop, came with us for the first night – the 5 of us spent Saturday taking a water taxi and walking around downtown. Aunt Jen came down Saturday evening – we went to dinner – and then the next day hit the beach!

I was most excited to take Everett to the beach.  It is my favorite place in the world to be and I couldn’t wait to share it with him!

Everett had been battling allergies all during our trip and then Monday morning woke up with a high fever so we took him to the local urgent care.  He had a sinus infection. We got some medicine and he started feeling better right away.

On Wednesday we made the long drive from Charleston, SC back to Franklin, NC. Thursday Everett stayed with Mimi and Grand-dad while Adam and I went out for the afternoon. Friday was wedding day as Adam’s good friend Sam got hitched.  Saturday we boarded a plane and headed back to Texas.

We ate lots of good food while we were away! At Hymans seafood in Charleston we ate at the same table where AC/DC dined at one time. We ate at a yummy place called the Mustardseed, and then at a vegetarian friendly soul food place called Alluette’s cafe, then in Asheville we ate at some of our favorites, the Laughing Seed Cafe’ and The Early Girl Eatery.

Everett is now sitting up on his own and will sit and play for quite some time.  He also had 2 teeth break through! Still no crawling  – I think it will still be a while although I hope him watching all the other kids at school will motivate him.

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy:


A journey together.

June 7, 2009

6 years ago today at 6:30 pm (eastern time) Adam and I began our journey as husband and wife.  Everyday since then we’ve taken it all one step at a time and done so together – whatever may come – may come – we have vowed to try our best at 2 becoming 1 and to approach every challenge head on – to not be children when it comes to difficult conversations and to remember to laugh at ourselves, to remember that love is greater than anything, to be love, to breathe love —  we would journey together and no matter where we ended up we would at least be together.

When Adam told me he wanted to come to Waco, TX for graduate school – my one stipulation was that we would immediately move back to NC after his schooling was over.  Who knew that we would find this community of friends that feel more like family that would come around us and transform Waco from the place we came for 3 years to the place we now call home.  In some divine intervention we have found ourselves fully in love with our city, our home, our friends, our church – the meaning of home to us has expanded beyond the walls of a house.

6 years later we find ourselves today spending time with our friends at church, playing on the floor with our adorable son and thinking that this is the best! We look to the future and know that 6 years is a drop in the bucket of things to come – but plan to enjoy this year in its individual moments and to embrace the beauty of now – not to wish Everett away to an older age or us to another place as those things come in their own time – for now life is great – we have each other.

As I type behind me in the living room I here Everett making fun noises and laughing as Adam says “Hipppoooo” as he plays with a stuffed Hippo from our friends the Evans — and my heart is full of joy.