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So it’s been a long time…

July 19, 2009

Since my last post, July has proven to be a very crazy month for us.  Therefore, blog posting has been neglected – to our ever so dedicated readers (all 2 of you) we are very sorry!

Everett is officially 8 months old now! I can’t get over how fast it has all gone – and I know it will only go faster – you don’t have to remind me. The army crawl is one of our new favorite things to do – it really is an amusing thing to watch.  Everett manages to keep one leg straight and in the air at all times.  But when he wants to move he will move and quickly at that.  He is somehow always drawn to the coffee table – like a magnet – I’m pretty sure it’s only because we don’t want him messing with it that he is so attracted to it! Other faves to chase after are these little stacking stars he has (he like to bang these on the floor as well as rub them on the floor – for a loud sound) his ABC drum (borrowed from our good friends next door) and of course his bestest of best friends, Winston.  Winston on the other hand just wants to lick Everett and is not sure what to make of this thing that loves him so much and moves ever so creepily.

Yesterday we discovered the laundry basket! Everett now loves to ride in the laundry basket – he makes his excited face — which is hard to put into words – but is a blend between and toothy smile with bugged out eyes and a stiff head shake? – you just have to see it to understand!

Sleeping through the night still evades us but he has made some better strides in  soothing himself at night.  He’s had a bit of a bug this week – we think it was courtesy of a friend at school – so that has put him even more out of whack! He seems to be feeling some better now – it has been a heck of a week though! Two words – explosive poop — that might be enough said.  We’ve had to back off on our eating adventures and just do a bland diet- rice and some bananas.  But now that he is feeling better we’ll be back in the saddle with all his favorite veggies and such.

Everett as we all know is a handsome boy – but apparently some girls at school think so also.  This is one story I want to be able to share with him for years to come so I figured I should write it down.  Last week when we dropped him off at school the older babies were in his classroom because their teacher was running late. By older babies I mean those that are walking and almost a year to a little over a year.  When we came into the room I sat Ev on the floor to play with a girl who is just a few days younger than him, Chaselyn.  Well Chaselyn got real excited and started crawling to him.  I then turned around to talk to the teacher because I couldn’t find his pacifier from yesterday.  She thought it might be in his bed so I turned back around towards where his bed is- and Bailey, a girl from the older class, had b-lined from the other side of the room and was now sitting in Everett’s lap! and Chaselyn was in tears!!  Everett – he was clueless and was just playing with a toy.  It was too funny! What a stud.

Everett has also been swimming several times now. He loves the water – at first he was scared but now he only cries when it’s time to get out! He’ll kick and splash – we’ve only put him fully under once and he honestly wasn’t too sure about that.  But thank goodness he likes the water for these hot hot Texas summers!


I like to Move it – Move it

July 3, 2009

Everett is scooting and rolling and making great efforts towards crawling!  Tonight he even did some army crawling around the floor — it’s very exciting.  We’ll try to get some video of it.