I have something to say!!

Everett has something to say rather – most of the time he has something to say… these days are full of babbles and “mama” and “dada” and “hey”  — He always say mama rather loudly but started saying dada only in a whisper.  Just in the recent days he’s managed to say it louder than that.  We think it’s because Adam would whisper it into Ev’s ear.  This milestone arrived in the same week that – SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT arrived!!

The night of July 22nd – Everett finally slept through the night.  When the alarm woke me up at 6am I looked at Adam and said “did you get up at all last night?” He said no – and I didn’t recall making the journey downstairs in the middle of the night – I checked the monitor- Ev still in basically the same position I had laid him down in.  So I went down just to check on him – he was snoring and never even noticed I came in the room!

Oh sleep how I have missed you! I feel like a new woman!

He’s continued to sleep well and which in turn has allowed him to have better happier days at school.  Even his naps have started leveling out to realistic intervals (longer than 20 minutes!).

He is still working on those top teeth – what an anticipated event – these top teeth, it is like a kid waiting for Christmas – it is taking so long!

The army crawl is keeping us on our toes these days – Ev has discovered lots of new spaces and things in the house.  He is also becoming more clingy to me when we are at home – which is for me becoming a bit annoying.   Every time I’m in the room but not near him – he starts crying! Hoping this phase will pass us quickly!

Our friends Katie and Chris came to stay with us some this week (they live in Kansas City) it was fun to have them see and play with Everett who was 2 wks old last time they saw him!  Their time with us was short and we missed them ever so much even after they had only been gone for 30 minutes!

In 2 weeks we’ll be going to the zoo again with a big group – hopefully Ev will be more into it this time — we’ll see!


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