Rice and new moves

April 19, 2009

Everett has had quite a busy week.  We started off this week with an Easter Holiday visit from Mimi, Grand-dad, Nanny and Uncle Seth.  Luckily the weather for Easter Sunday was nice so that we were able to get some pictures outside. Everett enjoyed the long holiday and having all the extra attention.  He was johnny-on-the-spot and was able to show off all his tricks to our visitors, only he didn’t give a big belly laugh like he does sometimes.  During that visit E was only rolling one way – belly to back.  However on Thursday of this week he rolled back to belly!  He was in his crib – fighting going to sleep- and we watched him on the monitor roll – it was a joyous moment and that again we both were able to see if happen for the first time was great.

Everett turned 5 months old on Tuesday and can officially start rice cereal as instructed by our pediatrician.  My plan was to wait until this weekend to start – but decided to try earlier this week.  In the first battle between Everett and Rice Cereal – Everett won and Rice Cereal ended up all everywhere but in his tummy.  We tried again this evening and I think we got 2 bites in before an all out fit occurred.  But as I know from previous experiences in life- patience is a virtue and if we keep trying we’ll get it right sooner or later. 

Sleeping has become interesting – now that E can roll we have removed his sleep positioner and putting him in a swaddle is out of the question.  Some nights we have quite a wrestling match trying to get Everett to settle down – if anyone has any tips we’d be happy to hear them!  We keep to the same night time patterns and try to make sure we are doing bedtime around the same time every night.

Here are some pictures from Easter and Everett’s first cereal experience, and a picture of our front porch which we recently redid: 


Roll with me!

April 9, 2009

Everett rolled over today on his own!  We’ve been expecting this event for quite some time… and then this morning there it was.  The best part was that Adam and I were both there for the first roll. 

He was in his crib waiting for me to get an appropriately cute outfit together for him to wear to school. And he was in such a great mood I thought now would be a great time to do some tummy time.  I put him on his belly and we began cheering him on – something along the lines of “naked boy on his belly!” because he was only wearing his diaper.  And then he arched back that little head and just like that – he rolled.  We just looked at each other and then let out a big WooHoo! which gave E a bit of a start and then hugged it was great!  Then in true parent fashion we made him do it again!

We took Everett to get bluebonnet pictures last weekend – he was not very thrilled with this adventure but we did get a few good shots.  Then yesterday we went to the Easter egg hunt here on campus and took some fun pictures there.

Movin on down

March 30, 2009

Everett has officially moved into his own room!  We made the switch in mid-March to E sleeping downstairs in his big boy crib and out of the bassinet in our room.  This move was for two reasons -#1 he was out growing the bassinet, #2 he can’t sleep in our room forever.   While it has been and adjustment for all of us – the transition to his sleeping downstairs (hence the title of this post) has been good.  I’m getting more of a workout going up and down the stairs in the middle of the night and getting pretty good at sleep walking and Everett is learning about independence, right?

Our little guy is now over 16 pounds but is still a bit short – that combined means his is 91% on the “chunky scale” according to the doctor – don’t worry as soon as he’s able I’ll have him practicing some yoga!  :o)

I am so amazed at how fun he is. He has started really laughing at things – sometime I’ll just place my forehead against his and he’ll laugh other times a good zerbert on his belly does the trick or a silly dance – which I’ve got plenty of those! Still no rolling happening unless he’s doing some sneaky rolling when we aren’t looking – I’ve told him he’s not allowed to do his first roll at school, if he knows what’s good for him!  But let’s face it 91% on the chunky scale is a lot to roll around!

We are going to start rice cereal in a few weeks when Everett is 5 months.  I’m excited to see how that goes. Everyone keeps telling me that it may help him sleep longer during the night – but I’ll believe it when I see it.  His sleep pattern has now reverted back to waking up every 3 to 4 hours – he is going down a bit earlier in the night between 7-8 pm which has allowed Adam and I to have some time together in the evenings – even if that is spent doing laundry, dishes or sharing time with friends.

I bought Everett an Easter outfit today – it’s seriously cute if I do say so myself – but you’ll have to wait until Easter to see it! (hopefully he won’t outgrow it)

I’ve also started a journal for Everett – I thought it would be a fun way to pass down stories to him and share my thoughts with him as he grows.  Hoping he’ll find it of value someday.

Hoping to find a good patch of bluebonnets this week to get some new pictures of him to share.  He is still a chatter box and some times I think he’s saying mama – although it more or less sounds like moo moo.  Adam said he’s really saying dada – we may just have to admit that maybe he’s making barnyard noises instead!  :o)

A Journey to Georgia and Back

March 14, 2009

The lights of Waco never seemed as welcoming as they did on Thursday evening. We were traveling back from Georgia and a wonderful trip – I call it the Great Grands Tour 2009.  However, 15 hours in the car – we were all pretty worn out.  It was without a doubt one of the best trips we’ve taken in a while – Adam and I both felt well rested and relaxed – Everett giggled, played, saw new things, new people and slept like a champ.

The trip started with a visit to Franklin, GA where Grandmother Judy lives – or in Everett’s case – Great Grandmother Judy.  I was full of anticipation and anxiety because I have not been to this place in 9 years – since my Granddaddy died.  I wondered how much things had changed or stayed the same – would the expectations of my childhood memories be met by reality? Driving down that long long gravel drive through the woods I knew that it wasn’t my expectations that even mattered – it just mattered that we were there and that Everett was going to meet his Great Grandmother – hear her voice, see her face, feel her hand.

Some things had changed – things need work, work that one person can’t do – but so many more things were the same — the smell of the house (like bread baking), the feel of the porch (cool and crisp), the warm glow in the dinning room, the sound of the creek and the birds, the fresh air and rolling waters, Grandmother’s laugh and her stories.

My parents meet us down there and we spent 2 days gathered round the dinning room table talking, laughing, learning some history.  Everett loved the old part of the house for some reason I’ll probably never know… every time I took him over there to either feed him or change his diaper he got all excited. And if I laid him down on the bed, which had a bright yellow blanket on it, he would squeal with delight and rub his hands on the blanket.

part of the creek

Everett & Great Grandmother Judy
Everett & Great Grandmother Judy
From Franklin we drove down to Georgetown, GA to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Mizio.  For as long as it had been since I had been to Grandmother’s place it was even longer since I had been to Grandma and Grandpa’s place – but I had seen them more recently.  Grandma and Grandpa are the cutest couple ever!  After all these years they are still very much in love and have a relationship that Adam and I long to have after 60+ years of marriage!
Everett took to Grandma right away – smiling and laughing – he even took a little nap in her arms.  We enjoyed driving around town and their neighborhood seeing where they do life and learning more history to share with our son.  We looked at old pictures and even older newspapers, ate good food and strolled around the neighborhood.  
E with Great Grandma and Grandpa Mizio

E with Great Grandma and Grandpa Mizio

The trip seemed way to quick – before we knew it – it was time for us to leave.  We packed up the car and headed West early in the morning. It was sad to leave – we had been so blessed with this time in Georgia- time to feel removed from our normal craziness of life – places to be, things to do, people to please, noise.

Everett kept us entertained along the way with his fun noises and converstations – and Friday was back to life as normal.  But the Great Grands Tour 2009 was quite a highlight for the Hortons.  Today Everett is 4 months old, it is our hope that the next Great Grands Tour will not be when he is 14!


Name Sake

March 3, 2009

Strong as a boar — that’s what Everett’s name means.  I’ve never given much weight to the meanings of names.  But everyday I find myself thinking – Everett really is strong.  I don’t think I’m qualified to know how strong a boar actually is – but my little man is at least that strong if not more.

He is physically strong in how he can push with his feet and move.  But last night and today E has been fighting a chest cold with sneezes and coughing and even a slight fever.  But he is such a fighter and has been a true champ all day-  Strong – just like his name sake.

New things.

February 28, 2009

Sometime it feels like life is moving in fast forward.  It makes me so thankful for the moments that make me slow down and be still – even if they are rare.  Everett is growing everyday we unofficially think he’s about 15 pounds now.  Now when I hold him it feels surreal to think there was a time no too long ago when he was in my tummy!

Everett has found his voice.  Last weekend he turned into such a chatter box!  We really noticed a difference when we were at Jason’s Deli for dinner on Saturday night.  I thought he’d just fall asleep because he was looking a bit tired.  However as we were sitting down to eat – we hear a lots of talking from Everett – like he was trying to talk to every person in sight!

Friday morning Everett was still asleep in his bassinett and Adam was getting ready for work – so I came downstairs to take Winston out.  When I came back inside I could hear Everett “talking” all the way downstairs – which is usually how he tells us he’s ready to get up in the morning.  So I walk up to our room to get him and start our morning — to my surprise — he was still sleeping — yep, he was “talking” in his sleep.  It was loud and continous –  I hurried to the bathroom to get Adam so he could share in the moment with me!  I tried to get it on video also but of course he stopped when I turned the thing on… I did get some cute video of him waking up though.

It’s exciting to watch his personality developing and discovering what things make him laugh.  He smiles all the time now – sometimes also while he’s sleeping – today he was in his swing and Winston was sitting in front of him while I folded laundry and Everett found Winston absolutely hillarious!

We’ve been trying to help Everett learn how to roll over but still no real success on his own in that area yet.  He loves sitting up though – he’ll sit so tall and hold his head up really well.  I’ve noticed that unless he is sleepy he doesn’t care to really be in the same place very long – I’m hoping that he’ll grow out of that some!  Still not sleeping through the night.  His pattern has been holding true of 5hours and then 3hours after that.  One evening this past week he slept so much when we got home 6-7, 7:30-10:15, 11-2, 2:30-5, 5:30-7!  Then another night he was awake almost every hour — exhausting for me!

I think we as a household are finally over our colds – Everett’s stuffy nose just seems to be at a normal stuffiness level now rather than exessively stuffy!

For spring break Adam, Everett and I will be traveling to Georgia to visit my grandparents.  My grandmother has never even met Adam and for her as well as my grandma and grandpa this will be their first time meeting Everett.  So this is a big trip!  We’ll spend a few days at each of their places. My parents are going to drive down also to see us.

I leave you now with one of my favorite pictures I took last Sunday: n9223499_37360520_7405879jpg

Reasons to Celebrate

February 14, 2009

Everett is 3 months old today.  Time has gone by so quickly – he becomes more alert and active everyday – and heavier too! He’s been adapting really well to day care – I’m always sad leaving him – but I love when we come to pick him up and he sees us and smiles so big!  Sleeping through the night- not quite yet – but it’s getting closer.  Lately he’ll sleep for at least 5 hours when we first lay him down and then wake up every 3 hours after that.  

Adam celebrated a birthday last weekend – we had a few folks over to celebrate with us – it was fun to have a house full of friends. 

Today Adam and I were actually able to go on a date.  Our friends Tracey and Kristin came to stay with Everett for a few hours – it was amazing to get out of the car and not need to carry with us a million things! However by 3 I was really missing my boy so we headed home – we are so thankful to our friends for giving us the gift of a few hours with just the 2 of us. 

Everett is waking up from his nap – sorry this post is so short – I’ll try to be a better updater when I can catch a few moments!

The Long Awaited Videos!

January 26, 2009

Here are two videos for your enjoyment!

You can also view higher quality versions of these videos from the links below, but you will need Quicktime in order to view them.

Where has the time gone?

January 17, 2009

Can you believe that Everett is already 2 months old??  I can’t!  I feel like he was just born – time has flown by and I am sure it will only start to go faster as life continues to progress. 

Everett continues to change day by day – he’s starting to laugh out loud more and he’s talking to us all the time – he loves to be talked to. It makes me wonder if he’ll be that way when he gets older – a little chatter box. But then there are times when he is just quite and reflective (like his dad).  He’s holding his head up more on his own and trying to roll over – he will push like crazy with his little feet as if he is really going to take off and go somewhere.  The early morning still seems to be his favorite time of day- after breakfast he is a complete giggle-box.  There is an elephant mobile hung over his crib that we bought in Kenya 2 years ago.  He loves that thing – we will start spinning it and he watches it so carefully and laughs – and when the elephants get going really fast he’ll just kick and swing his arms around – you can hear his excitement all through the house.  It makes wonder what he’s thinking — maybe he’s thinking “that’s crazy that elephants can move that fast “- or maybe it’s “I think the blue striped one is going to win this time!”

He also makes this little sad face when he’s upset – I am pretty sure that face will be the face that breaks my heart from here until forever – or until he starts using it to just try to get his way! It really is pitiful.

We’ve moved E into size 2 diapers after one day having 5 outfit changes! He’s getting so big so fast. He’s not yet sleeping through the night but seems to be showing some progress in that direction.  Adam and I remain hopeful that the day is near.

We’ve also taken Everett to 2 Baylor Bears Men’s Basketball games – the first he slept through the entire game!  This last one was a bit more touch and go – but we are planning to make him a fan early on in life!

I started back to work on the 5th – I did half days and then on the 12th started back full time.  Everett doesn’t start day care until the 20th so he’s been hanging out with me.  It’s been pretty interesting – and has taken my ability to multi-task to another level!  He mainly slept alot and then when he was awake he likes to play in this little bouncy chair – and of course plenty of folks around the office to hold him and so forth.

Everett had his first date last weekend.  Our friends have a little girl named Emmy who is just a few months older than Everett – they were definitely the entertainment for the evening – Emmy dancing and excited to see Everett and Everett well – cried.  He did finally cheer up and become more date like!  He was also flirting with a little girl named Ava the other day — I think I have a ladies man on my hands! What’s a mom to do?

Monday Everett will go to get his 2 month shots – i’m not looking forward to this at all – but I am looking forward to getting a new set of stats for him!

Well that’s the short run of it all for now here are some pictures:


Everett telling me about his day

Everett telling me about his day

Sweet Boy!

Sweet Boy!

Right now..

January 4, 2009

Everett is sitting in his boppy watching the Atlanta vs. Arizona football game.  He is mezmorized!  I think we have another sports fan in the house– hilarious they just cut to commercial and he got upset!

He apparently also likes Al Roker.  We had the Rose Bowl Parade on the other morning and as soon as Everett heard Al’s voice he turned towards the TV – it must be all those mornings of the Today show I watched.

Also I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before but when Everett sneezes Winston barks – the tradition lives on – now it’s not just my sneezes he barks at.  Winston is getting more familiar with Everett – I don’t think he is completely terrified of him any more – just slightly terrified.  Winston knows that Everett is special and that he’s not allowed to close.  Yesterday Everett was laying in his crib for a nap and I had to shut the door because Winston kept going into his room and shuffling around – which kept waking up Everett!  I think he is just ready for Everett to be big enough to play with him.

Today’s temprature in Waco, TX : 84!  Happy New Year!